Is Elevenses good?

TheChad 4326


This fellowship is designed around the card Elevenses. The hobbit deck uses Hobbit Pipe and Hobbit Pony to get the most out of Elevenses. When used in combination with those cards you lose no willpower to the quest while you reduce your threat and draw cards. See the description in that deck for more detail. Use the hobbit deck to quest hard and play some big allies. Use the other deck to do some questing, but mainly defend and kill things.
I took down the Thing in the Depths with this fellowship even after I lost Merry to a shadow effect that removed the defending character.
In your opening hand for the hobbits you want to see Pipes, ponies, and secrecy allies. Bilbo Baggins can find pipes, Westfold Horse-Breaker can find ponies. Once you get them mounted and smoking you can start using your threat reduction events. In the opening hand for the other deck you want a weapon and some of Beregond's toys. An early Master of the Forge can really help you dig for all the attachments you need. This is a really solid pairing of decks that gets off the ground very quickly. enjoy!


Jun 11, 2016 TheChad 4326

This fellowship has beaten Thing in the Depths, Helm's Deep, and Journey along the Anduin

Jun 12, 2016 Doctor Riptide 1

These are really interesting. My card pool isn't too big yet but I love the idea you have for the Hobbit deck. I'll be honest, first time I looked at Hobbit Pipe I didn't really see how it could be useful, but seeing these lists and your description, It looks pretty awesome. Gonna save these for when my card pool expands some more.

Jun 13, 2016 TheChad 4326

Thank you Doctor Riptide (awesome name). I don't know what cards you have, but Hobbit Pipe is an excellent way to get card draw in a hobbit deck. It can go on heroes and allies. If you have a deck with 2 hobbits, and a unique Noldor then Elrond's Counsel is an easy way to get the pipes to trigger. Good luck to you!

Jun 13, 2016 DaveG 62

As Chad mentioned, this Fellowship took down Helm's Deep. I played the Deck Your Hobbit Friend Wants You to Play. The Encounter Deck only managed to break through to Quest Phase 3 before we were able to move to the last Quest Phase, 5, and win the game. The star of the show was the card Elevenses which allowed us to over quest and then pull back WP several times. That was key in Helm's Deep because we were able to control when the Encounter Deck cleared locations while putting minimal progress against the quest. Great pair of deck. Look forward to trying them in other scenarios.