Mono-sphere Intro Decks


I may have an opportunity to introduce a few people to the game this weekend, and want to have a set of decks that a) will have recognizable characters and b) will be reasonably straightforward to play (i.e., true monosphere). I would love some feedback on improvements I could make to any of these decks:

  • Leadership: I've been playing through the whole set with this deck mostly solo and have really enjoyed it, so this is probably the strongest deck here (also the most complex). However, I haven't updated it with anything from Harad onwards, and so any feedback is welcome.

  • Tactics: There are surprisingly few Three Hunters mono-tactics decks, and none recently. This is my attempt to fix that, mostly built around bulking up the heroes with attachments and spreading the love around to the other decks as well.

  • Spirit: I think this may be the weakest deck, though it does put out a ton of willpower and is reasonably decent at threat reduction--still, it feels a bit muddled.

  • Lore: I think this deck is maybe OK, but I am not confident of that, and a bit unsure of how it would play in a 3-4 player game.

Nov 06, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 963

Nice! I hope it goes well.