Thematic "Ring Goes South"

Tubarush 142


My attempt at a thematic run of the Ring Goes South --- continuing on from my thematic Black Riders (and PoD) quests.

The major changes here are that I am not using "unseen helpers" idea that I did in the first quests. Now that the Fellowship is together, those are the only allies around.

If Gimli and/or Boromir don't show up, it's not a huge deal --- especially because of the ally-hate from that one location. So if they show up for free in the first round, awesome --- but they are probably not worth paying for unless you can avoid that one location.

BTW, this quest is a PitA. Ally-hate, Card-hate, Threat-hate, enemy swarms. It took me 4 attempts to get 2 wins with this Fellowship -- so not great, but not horrible. And I think it's highly thematic.

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