6 - The Dead Marshes (Progression Series)


This is another fellowship continuing on in my goal to play through all of the quests in release order to learn how all (or most) of the cards interact with one another. The first fellowship for the quests in the core set can be found here, and it contains a slightly more detailed overview of what I'm going for with building these decks. As always, any feedback is appreciated so that I can continue to learn more!

This is the third quest in a row that really requires high willpower, but it also necessitates some readying effects on cards as well. The Leadership and Lore deck is pretty standard fare, and mostly exists to get Steward of Gondor and Protector of Lorien onto Eowyn and Fast Hitch onto Frodo. Aragorn's built in readying effect is great for being able to use him on the quest and in the escape test, and Theodred's sole purpose for existence is tossing Aragorn a resource so he can keep using that effect.

The Tactics and Spirit deck is all about questing power. Boromir is slotted in for his readying ability, as well as his high attack for the treachery card that makes you use attack for an immediate escape test. The slew of Rohan allies and events are all about getting more willpower on the table to be able to quest through everything that is in the staging area (Escort from Edoras is particularly good to use in that final push on State 2B before the final hide test).

The deck has a few ways to get all characters ready for the final hide test, including Grim Resolve and Eomund + Ride to Ruin. The decks can struggle a bit if the Hill Troll comes out too early, but Frodo, Boromir and Forest Snare are all there to help out if that happens. If things go terribly wrong and Gollum gets shuffled into the deck, the decks should still be able to quest through and find him again by getting Haldir and Gildor on the table and using Gandalf and Galadhrims Greeting to keep threat manageable (however, I found that unless something really goes sideways, this deck is usually beating this quest on turn 5ish).


Dec 23, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 955

Nice decks! One dominant strategy some people use is to intentionally let Gollum go into the encounter deck so they can focus on building up power. Once he resurfaces, they can completely crush the quest.

Dec 24, 2018 ShellinProgression 127

@Wandalf the GizzardYeah, that was the strategy I had used when I played through this quest the first time. I had a game or two where Gollum got discarded as a shadow card and the game dragged on forever, so that turned me off on going all in on that strategy. These decks can (and did) shift to that strategy pretty easily the couple of times I played where I got some unlucky progrsss tokens on Gollum early.