Helm's Deep: Thematic Saga Campaign Part 8


Mar 07, 2019 christottey85 53

2 player campaign helms deep - epic game. Skipped edoras Held out on 2b for 4 turns but the board surged insanely heavy on turn 4 and took us into stage 3 in a bad way. Became apparent that questing would solve nothing that turn so sat out and let them through with everyone ready. Got to quest 4 with 5 points on the helms deep objective and all heroes ready due to non questing in the last phase, but enemys are everywhere.

Survived thanks to aragorns ability to ready on erkenbrand and gimlis ability too, with help from discarding grimbold to stop an attack. Killed 3 enemies with all other ready heroes. Survived the remaining 2 turns thanks to a sneak attack eomund one turn and full cost eomund next turn, who soaked up last amount of archery needed and had to use lembas boon due to overwhelming enemies.

Every character apart from legolas had 1 hp left and we rode out and won the game.

There was a moment during the end of stage 3 and beggining of stage 4 where we even considered scooping in favour of having time to try again but decided to push on.

Without a doubt the best game I have had since buying into this game nearly 7 years ago! So many moments of tension when revealing treacheries and shadows that could easily of ended the game, or revealing the hornburg on a that archery would of killed us and traveling there.

Massive shoutout to bgamerjoe and mr underhill, whos thematic campaign decks we have used for every scenario from "ring goes south" onwards. They are just sublime to play and ooze with theme. They have heightened the experience greatly so im heading over to rigsdb now to like and favourote each one.