12 - Road to Rivendell (Progression Series)


This is another fellowship continuing on in my goal to play through all of the quests in release order to learn how all (or most) of the cards interact with one another. The first fellowship for the quests in the core set can be found here, and it contains a slightly more detailed overview of what I'm going for with building these decks. As always, any feedback is appreciated so that I can continue to learn more!

I really wanted to try out the twins, since I don't actually have any physical copies of them (please reprint Dwarrowdelf soon, FFG!). So this deck really tries to get both of them going as well as I can, while also making sure I have enough cancellation ready for all of the nasty effects like Sleeping Sentry. Eleanor + A Test of Will + Dwarven Tomb was usually good enough to handle the nastier effects in the staging area, and then Elrohir with Song of Wisdom, Dunedain Signal and A Burning Brand took care of most of the shadow effects.

Because it takes a fair bit to get the twins up and running, both decks start out with fairly low threat and have some cheap chump blockers to throw at things until Elladan and Elrohir and sweep through things.


Jul 04, 2024 easypat 2

Getting DĂșnedain Cache and DĂșnedain Signal on Elladan and Elrohir, respectively, helped make this fellowship absolutely sing through this. With so many options for cancelling shadow cards and Eleanor to get rid of pesky treacheries this made RtR an absolute breeze. Managed to fly through the third stage with 25 and 29 for the two decks, leaving the Wild Bears in the staging area (the first came out in 1B, the second came out in stage 3B, completely bypassing the Goblin Gate).

Thanks for another great deck, @ShellinProgression!