13 - Watcher in the Water (Progression Series)


This is another fellowship continuing on in my goal to play through all of the quests in release order to learn how all (or most) of the cards interact with one another. The first fellowship for the quests in the core set can be found here, and it contains a slightly more detailed overview of what I'm going for with building these decks. As always, any feedback is appreciated so that I can continue to learn more!

This was a fun quest to try to build around! I really liked how Elladan and Elrohir worked together in the last quest, and decided that I could afford the set up time it takes to get them running, especially with the addition of Arwen (who appears to be insanely good). The twins deck is pretty standard fare, trying to get plenty of attachments and resources on both of them to be able to handle as many tentacles and wolves as possible.

The other deck was pretty fun as well! I wanted to use the new hero from the pack, and combining Aragorn's ability with Frodo's ability seemed like a no brainer. This deck having high threat shouldn't matter, because of Elrohir and all of the other Sentinel defenders in the Twins' deck. I really liked the ability to absorb some damage with Frodo and then reset it with Aragorn, and it came in super handy for some of those tentacles that force you to take undefended damage.

Stage two was relatively easy as well, the ability to have Henamarth and Rumour from the Earth made it possible to get Durin's Door into the victory display, but I also had plenty of Gandalf and Hail of Stones to be able to take out the Watcher while he was still in the staging area. I never ended up needing them, but Son's of Arnor seemed like a good way to take out the watcher as well, so I made sure to have a few of them and some Vassals of the Windlord handy should I not be able to directly damage the Watcher or successfully pull off opening Durin's Door.


Feb 09, 2024 JorgeBPrado 46

Nice fellowship