The Massing At Osgiliath - Progression

nttArc 17


Wow was this a nail biting finish, both ended at 49 threat. Last quest phase location made first scout revealed surge, this caused us to finish the encounter deck and have to shuffle for the last card. We were both like, why isn't Witch King worth victory points? He could come was the Witch King ! The only reason I was not panicking about this fact is that I had a Radagast's cunning in hand. We neutralized his threat and had plenty of will power to add the last few progress tokens we needed to escape to Minas Tirith. Notably, the inclusion of Denethor worked very well. Solid defender in the early stages when we were just being swarmed by enemies. Once you manage to stabilize from the initial staging area you have a chance to win but we had 3-4 scoops before we had a board state worth continuing on. A few undefended attacks with no bad shadows allowed us to manage the initial swarm. I can see the flaw in the quest being so swingy in terms of dealing with the initial staging area, however, the flavor of this quest is awesome and because of that, this was my favorite quest thus far (And because I felt liked I was being swarmed, it was all the more exciting to have surmounted it!).