Passage Through Mirkwood - Progression Series #1


A pair of decks intended to be played against Passage Through Mirkwood, for use in the Lord of the Rings: the Card Game Progression Series. Steward of Gondor is probably best played on a Tactics hero, whereas Beravor is probably ideal with Horn of Gondor. Use Theodred to channel enough resources to Eowyn to fund 1+ Northern Tracker, etc.


Aug 03, 2016 TheHiveTyrant 1437

Note that there was a mistake made when constructing this Fellowship of decks - swap three copies of The Favor of the Lady in the Quest Deck for three copies of Celebrian's Stone for a much more capable set of cards. Enjoy!

Aug 17, 2016 Morgothsfoot 8

This is good for me because I got into the game late, and missed out on playing these quests with a limited card pool. Thanks.

May 23, 2019 vgambit 1

Sat down to make this deck when I realist it's at least a 2x core set list. Er...