Shadow and Flame Fellowship by czyn (progression with 1CS)

czyn 98


2 hands fellowship with cards up to Shadow and Flame created to beat this tough scenario.

Deck 1: and Priority deck to do damage to Durin's Bane. Send Prince Imrahil to quests as he will be ready anyway because of lost of ally. Use Boromir and his ability as much as possible to engage enemies which you want to get rid of staging area (excepting round 1 when better to stay with threat level 0). Try to get one undefended hit from some weak enemy to Gimli to raise his attack. There are couple of attachments dedicated to your companion heroes. Ring Mail should first go to Frodo (second for Gimli), Rivendell Bow for Glorfindel to support your attacks and all Dunedains Warnings for Elrond to allow him defend attacks from Durin's Bane.

Deck 2: and Support and quest deck. You can take some damage from Durin's Bane by Frodo and use his ability 2-3 times (after playing Elrond's Counsel, even more). For rest sacrifice your allies until you will boost Elrond's defence. If you have Burning Band play it as quick as possible for him as this is the crucial card here to save him to the end of game. If you get Arwen let her quest and boost Elronds defence. If Elrond will have 4 defence and Burning Band he should be able to defend every next round from Durin's Bane using healing ability of Glorfindel (Elrond boost it to 2 HP). When Glorfindel has Rivendell Bow, help to damage Durin's Bane when player 1 attacks. If not, clear staging area from smaller enemies.

First round commit all characters into quest to pass 1 part of scenario as soon as possible. In phase 2 it should be enough to commit to quest only 2 heroes: Price Imrahil and one of heroes from deck 2 (Frodo if we got Fast Hitch or Glorfindel or Elrond if they got Light of Valinor). Path of Need may be most important card to play in stage 3 of this scenario but you should be fine also without it.