classical dwarfes with little help


try to find some doomed cards in starting hands. for the taktikdeck there are a few favour ofthe valar or a galadrims greeting. the other decks have gandalf or start very low. dain and the taktikdeck try to discard much, to benefit from ered lun miner and hidden cache. 1. weapon to gimli. many attachements can go to allies (axes, mail, raiment, erebor armour). the green decks play at least one dwarf per round. oin can play axes and khazad himself after 1 dwarf-ally.

perhaps its better to take evan more doomed cards. then i would replace 3 dwarfen axe in the bombur-deck with 3 deep knowledge and 2 very good tale with legacy.

i think that kombo could have a decent chance at the great battles (carn dum, minas thirit,dol guldur, black gate)