Thematic Saga - Journey To The Crossroads

Tubarush 192


This is the Fellowship I used for Journey To The Crossroads in my Thematic Saga run (which includes the 2 PoD quests that are inserted after the 1st quest in Black Riders. I won 2 out of 2 on Easy Mode with this Fellowship. I have 2 core sets and used cards thru the Haradrim cycle. The beginning of my Saga run is here: The previous quest, Passage of the Marshes, is here:

Boons: Brace Of Coneys (x2), Anduril (not used), Sting, Old Bogey-Stories, Tireless Ranger (Sam), Noble Hero (Aragorn - not used), Mithril Shirt (not used), Glamdring (not used), Leader of Men (Aragorn - not used), Intimidation (Legolas - not used)

Burdens: The Searching Eye (x2), Gandalf's Delay, Panicked, Overcome By Terror, Fear of Discovery, Pursued By The Enemy, Overcome By Grief, Ill Fate

This is a tough quest, but I won both attempts in 2 very different fashions.

1st win -- I had lots of healing and readying out, so I could deal with all the enemies while I slowly quested thru. I won in the 15th round. 4 Enemies got to the Black Gate.

2nd win --- No readying or healing until late, but lots of questing power. I won in the 9th round -- but at one point, all characters were only 1 point from death, so it was dicey. 3 Enemies got to the Black Gate.

The dream combo of the Sam/Faramir deck is described in that deck's description.