A Shadow in the East Decks

Jtothemac 111


These two in tandem just absolutely smoked the first two scenarios of the new deluxe A Shadow in the East. Beorn is there for extra defenses if need be, but mostly can attack and kill half the enemies by himself. Radagast and Grimbeorn do some work with combat, if you can keep churning out the creatures. A good first hand draw for the Beorning side is staff + two cost creature, so you get to play both and still have cash for Grimbeorn. On the dale side, mulligan for king of dale. otherwise get the allies in quickly and suit them up with any attachment you can, and quest your life out. Combat is totally controlled by the Beorning side. Later in the game, there can be a little mix (lanwyn readying and eagles can quest) but mostly the two sides have their roles. use gandalf for threat reduction. beorning will need it, especially because the second quest kills your threat dial.