Bard Lee's 2019 GenCon of Suffering


These are 4 of the decks I brought to GenCon 2019 and played. I brought a 5th and never played it; it's basically a pure combat Dwarven mill deck. Maybe if I had played across from a powerhouse like Dori, I could have ran it. These are basically tournament reports describing how the games I played went with these decks. I went 2-0 in comp, but it went very poorly in co-op, 2-4. One thing to note is that I don't proxy cards so if I don't have extras, well, I'm playing less optimal cards or less of the best. I think the only time I ended up with unique card overlap came in the Caldara deck when Chad tried to play the contract that requires unique characters and one when someone played ally Arwen. I brought a huge sideboard of tech for stuff, but only busted out a couple of cards. At this point in the game's life cycle, overlaps of unique cards does not nor should not be an issue in a pick up game as much as the past. It was a fun time though I wish we had more time with the new deluxe which did not appear at GenCon until a local player gave us a copy.