AtS2: Into Ithilien, 2-handed solo, progression


This scenario is so brutal. Easily the hardest scenario I've played two-handed at the time of writing. Officially difficulty level 4!?! I must be doing it wrong.

Really tried to stay thematic with this one but it beat me down. Tried a few non-dwarf fellowships but didn't really get anywhere. In the end, after so many defeats I decided to deck build specifically for this quest. So we have dwarves, elves, men and eagles! Even with this deck it's really tough. It really punshes you if you don't quest hard.

More or less every encounter card is disgusting. Blocking Wargs :(

Thematically it's a great scenario, reminds me of Faramir himself in the book raiding the Haradrim in the forests. I like how it can switch from regular, to battle, to siege. Also, skipping stages depending on Celador is great. Having allies in the encounter deck. All great.

I'd definitely like to return to this quest later on with a Gondor/Ranger/Dundedain themed deck when things are fleshed out a bit more.