A Burglar's Fellowship

Jtothemac 300


Alright, listen. I've been thinking about the new contract, The Burglar's Turn ... and I really can't get on board with it. Any attachment? Sure. But restricted to only items and artifacts? Oof. The +1 quest point PER location attachment gives me hesitation for using Haldan... but in the end, the action advantage seems worth running him. So here we go, my best shot at using this contract. Forget running it solo -- it needs to be played in a fellowship.

So while we're clearing locations, why not also seek to clear out side quests? We have some room in the Haldan deck now that the attachments are out. Well... kind of. I loaded up pretty heavily because of the card draw Haldan will provide. Plus, if he also gets Glamdring...

Anyway, the new contract goes to the "One Heck of a Support Deck" and the loot deck is the sideboard. A couple cards can be switched out, but with characters with ranged, sentinel, nobles, etc, everything seems to work out.

Two proxies - Dwarven Axe for Durin's Axe and the Free Peoples for Host of Galadhirim

I anticipate the "Bring them to me!" deck will undergo some renovations, and I am not sure if this fellowship will bring enough questing to avoid threat hits. There is definitely plenty of progress to be placed, and the tactics deck should take care of any enemies coming your way. But as for keeping up with the three card flip, well, I suppose it will require some testing. I anticipate the way is shut and wait no longer will be helpful cards in that respect. I might even replace some lore events with Gildor's council.

I'll be play testing it this week against the Mirkwood cycle, so I will be sure to post any edits here.

edit 1: Ally Legolas needs to be taken out in favor of another silvan ally.