The Watcher in the Water - Progression - Doors of Durin Edit

nttArc 136


The win condition with these decks is just to draw as many cards as possible. We included both Beravor and Bilbo for tons of card draw as well as Gleowine, Valiant Sacrifice, Campfire Tales, et cetera. When you have lots of cards in hand plus scrying effects, Henamarth Riversong, Rumor from the Earth, plus encounter deck manipulation, Shadow of the Past, it ends up being super easy to get through the Doors of Durin. The remainder of deck adds some lower costs allies to soak up some the the damage/bad effects of the tentacles. Frodo to soak up undefended attacks as threat gain and Aragorn to remove that excess threat when it gets too high. Also, a handful of The Galadrim's Greeting to manage the threat for the non Aragorn/Frodo player. Also an interesting note, this is the first time we took more than 50 cards but decided to do so only because we have absurd amounts of card draw.