Two Core Fellowship (4P) - 2020 Edition


My revisit to my old teaching fellowship intended to continue into a progression series (4 Player Version).

The main feature of this fellowship, in my opinion, is the focus on non-standard sphere combinations for a new player. Typically, a new group of players will upgrade the basic single core decks to proper 50 card decks by making mono-sphere decks which is understandably the most intuitive first step. This more often than not leads to the next logical step of creating multi-sphere decks which emulate the single sphere ones. Of course, this usually leads to the inevitable combinations of Tactics/Leadership for the "Combat" deck and Spirit/Lore for the "Support" deck at the very least. This fellowship explicitly avoids those two archetypes and instead opts for more unorthodox pairings, especially the Spirit/Tactics deck, and spreads around responsibilities a bit more evenly.

My 2020 edits included shifting around some Heroes, ensuring all cards have two or more copies, shifting around a few unique cards, and slightly smoothing out the secondary sphere costs.