Hawkdir and the Winter Lookout


The Hawkdir deck is the one I'm using with my monthly LOTR group to run through the saga expansions. It has changed quite a bit from when I first put it together (even changed out two heroes) but Haldir of Lorien has always been the center of the deck. The problem is that I've specialized it to take care of threats in the staging area; when enemies engage with it, it falls apart. It also can't quest worth beans. So as I've changed it, I needed to build a second deck to pick up the slack in defense and questing so I could test it out. Hence the Stalwart Lookout. That deck has actually turned out to be a favorite of mine. It's been through a few different iterations, but the main core of the deck is Beregond's ability to take several hits in a turn and the North Realm Lookout's ability to quest (and sentinel if needed). The Guardian of Esgaroth can also quest and then take hits or attack as needed. As long as the Stalwart Lookout deck is pulling enemies down to its side, the Hawkdir deck does a good job knocking them down.