Dunhere and Hobbits



These decks were made using cards from the first 2 cycles, HoN, EaAD, TMV and TBR. I added cards from TRD, TToS and TLoS once I began scenarios from those quests. I managed to make it past Shelob's Lair in campaign mode with these decks, although they did struggle at times. I already had the DĂșnhere deck and I thought a Hobbit deck would make a nice partner.

For strategy see the individual decks.


I have played a fair amount with these decks, mostly playing through the Saga scenarios as far as Shelob's Lair. In full:

  • A Shadow of the Past 1/1 (Campaign Mode. I had a good start with Timely Aid and didn't fail any hide tests. I chose Gildor Inglorion and The Ring Draws Them)
  • A Knife in the Dark 1/1 (Campaign Mode. I killed Bill Ferny early on with Dunhere and Gandalf. I avoided shuffling in any Ringwraiths. I chose Valiant Warrior for Dunhere and Tireless Ranger for Sam)
  • Flight to the Ford 1/1 (Campaign Mode. I was lucky and used Gandalf lots of times with Sneak Attack to hold off the Nazgul. I earned Panicked)
  • The Ring Goes South 1/1 (Campaign Mode. Glamdring was great on Dunhere, and Asfaloth is wonderful in this scenario. I avoided earning Lust for the Ring)
  • Journey in the Dark 1/1 (Campaign Mode.I didn't even really try to defeat the Balrog, just raced to escape. Dunhere was very useful at taking out enemies early on)
  • Breaking of the Fellowship 1/3 (Campaign Mode. I really struggled with this quest, the decks couldn't handle multiple enemies engaging after stage 1 very well, I was lucky on the successful attempt and didn't have too many enemies to deal with early on. I removed Grievous Wound with Seat of Seeing)
  • The Uruk-hai 1/2 (Campaign Mode. The first loss was the first time I had played the quest, but after some major changes for the 2nd attempt I managed to win and earn the boons. I chose Intimidation and Forewarned for Dunhere and Sam respectively)
  • Helm's Deep 1/4 (Campaign Mode.This was a struggle. I took the Poisoned Counsel for the free allies and extra planning phase. I was lucky to avoid Devilry of Saruman, as it's a big problem for the hobbits and Dunhere)
  • The Road to Isengard 1/3 (Campaign Mode. In the win I managed to recruit 3 Ents in 2 rounds, and had Asfaloth from the start. I also got Sword that was Broken on Aragorn and managed to make enough progress on the last stage in one quest phase so I didn't have to deal with Saruman making many attacks. I did earn Saruman's Voice)
  • The Passage of the Marshes 1/1 (Campaign Mode. I managed to defeat Gollum early on and then Dunhere was great for taking out the Undead enemies in the staging area. I chose to earn The Searching Eye as I wanted to stay in secrecy at the start)
  • Journey to the Cross-roads 1/1 (Campaign Mode. I chose Brace of Coneys to start with. Dunhere is incredible in this quest. I got him equipped early on. I did let 2 Oliphaunts make it to the Black Gate)
  • Shelob's Lair 1/2 (Campaign Mode. This was tough as the decks don't really have a strong enough defender for Shelob or the Nazgul early on, I was lucky in my win to get great allies with Timely Aid early on and fought and defeated the Nazgul rather than discard it. I also got Sting on Sam which was great to kill Shelob faster)
  • Journey down the Anduin 2/2 (Very easy with such low starting threat. I had plenty of time to build up attachments and allies before defeating the Hill Troll. I actually used Dunhere with 2 Daggers to slowly kill it in the staging area.)
  • The Redhorn Gate 1/1 (I was lucky and got the Dimrill Stair to trigger early on so threat was not a problem. Combat was fine, and I used Faramir to mitigate the willpower reduction of Caradhras)
  • Foundations of Stone 1/2(Goblin Follower was a huge problem early, which I why I lost once. I also quested too much on the win and advanced to stage 3 in 3 rounds, and only just managed to survive to beat stage 5. I did lose Merry and Bifur to Lost and Alone but still managed to win with an Elder Nameless Thing dying after being wounded by Dunhere and having an Ancient Mathom attached by a treachery while in staging)
  • Peril in Pelargir 1/2 (These decks struggled with BAttle questing. I didn't have any extra enemies from the start and got Skinbark with Timely Aid on the win, who helped with Battle questing massively.)
  • Into Ithilien 0/2 (Nope. One loss to Watcher in the Wood raising threat by 10 forcing every enemy to engage and another to double Blocking Wargs in round 1)
  • Encounter at Amon Din 1/1 (Very easy, I used Dunhere with Unexpected Courage to clear out most of the enemies easily and got Asfaloth to clear most of the locations)