Passage Through Mirkwood - Nightmare - Progression

nttArc 136


First Nightmare Mode scenario !! This one was pretty fun. I like the new spin on an old scenario that was a walk in the park and now is not.

There are a clearly defined set of goals which I think made deck building easy. Exhausted.questing characters get punished and direct damage all over the place.

With those threats in mind, we mitigated direct damage with Elrond + Warden of Healing as well as A Test of Will.

Beorn helps stabilize the early game setup, once overcome you get into control of the encounter deck and more or less breeze through the rest of the scenario. Also, per rules clarification from developers Landroval and Fortune or Fate can interact with and revive Beorn. His card text is not active when he is dead/discarded. Make sure you save health on Beorn to take a Hummerhorns engagement hit without dying (or have a revival ready)

Fortune or Fate can actually be afforded because of monosphere spirit and in fact in our playthrough we revived Elrond then next turn used Dwarven Tomb and Fortune or Fate again to revive Beorn.

We did not get an easy playthrough, all the nasty things this deck can do hit us hard, we went through the whole encounter deck. The only card that didn't hurt so bad was Glade of the Spawn. It came out really late and only affected us with the 4 threat because we beat the scenario before a spider came out in combination with it.

What really saved our bacon, to be honest, was Ranger Spikes. We ended up getting 3 early on and snared 3 enemies that we could wait to deal with (or not deal with). One being Ungoliant Spawn. Sure we had to deal with the when revealed but we had the luxury to wait to kill her. Why doesn't she have text that she cant have attachments ? I think she should, make us have to deal with her immediately.

Before Ungoliant Spawn comes out just make sure that if you have no A Test of Will that you only send characters with > 2 willpower.

Ultimately this scenario was harder than before but still not so bad. This one gets me amped up for what the other Nightmare scenarios may entail because I found this to be a fun level of challenge. Now I'm ready to fight some Hill Trolls !