The Eastern Fellowship: Ered Mithrin Cycle


Also known as "The Fellowship of the Beards."

Dale: The Dale "shtick". Brand gets "King of Dale" (mulligan for this), while Bard is likely a good choice for "Traffic from Dale". Trying this with Dain Ironfoot because he's a cool hero, and becomes a really formidable defender (most other decks replace him with Beravor, for the additional card draw -- definitely an option here if the lack of cards becomes noticeable). Not sure about threat management or card draw here -- another possibility is incorporating Sneak Attack and Gandalf ally (would need to proxy the cards, since they're in use for the Saga Fellowship).

Wilderlands: Eagles and Bears and Woodmen! Lots of attachments for locations, including Guarded ones, to synergize with Haldan and his allies. Mulligan for Radagast's staff. Grimbeorn wants Support of the Eagles to turn into a combat powerhouse, while Radagast provides resource smoothing with the creatures.


Apr 25, 2020 banania 445

Really cool and very thematic fellowship !