Thorin, Dain and the many other Dwarves


A pair of Dwarf decks using some (new to me) cards from Over Hill and Under Hill

I would love to hear feedback!

I am using cards from the first 2 full cycles, the first 4 saga expansions, OHaUH, HoN, EaAD and TMV. For strategy see the deck descriptions.

I quite like these decks, the scenarios I've played and wins/times played are below:

  • Journey along the Anduin 4/4 (I manged to win even with Pursued by Shadow revealed in setup in 2 of those game, forcing me to engage the Hill Troll round 1)
  • Escape from Dol Guldur 2/2 (Once with Ori prisoner, and then with Nori prisoner. I think I was very lucky, if Dain was prisoner I would certainly lose I think)
  • Conflict at the Carrock 1/2 (In the loss I had 2 copies of a Frightened Beast raise threat by 6 each, and then I lost to the combined 12 threat raise from the 4 Trolls all being engaged. The second time went much better, I was able to build up loads of allies and recruited Grimbeorn)
  • Return to Mirkwood 2/2 (I almost lost to threat in the first game, I was on 49 and 46 threat at the end. The 2nd game was very strange, with only 3 enemies revealed and I rushed through each stage and won very quickly)
  • Into the Pit 2/2 (A rough start with the enemies each time, but I stabilised and got so many allies in play that I could clear stages 2 and 3 in one round each)
  • Foundations of Stone 2/2 (I had the best 2 stage 4s on both attempts, Shivering Bank for the Nori deck which had one card in hand and Sheltered Rocks for the Ori deck. I actually had both copies of Lost and Alone revealed, but I was able to draw Ori back. I did win with only Dain in play for the Nori deck )
  • Shadow and Flame 1/3 (This scenario was hard, I think I was quite lucky to beat it. I used Arwen's boost on a Errand-Rider to keep the 5 Dwarves in play for the Ori deck, which helped snowball into more allies to block with.)
  • The Long Dark 2/2 (I managed to win once after failing almost every Locate Test, and the 2nd win was much easier)
  • Road to Rivendell 2/2 (2 fast wins at 6 and 4 rounds each. I never saw Sleeping Sentry as a shadow effect and it was revealed round 1 in one game where it didn't hurt much)
  • The Redhorn Gate 2/2 (A slow and easy win both times. I used Dimrill Stair on the first attempt and just had to wait to get 5 vp. The 2nd time I didn't have to wait. Faramir helped loads on this scenario)
  • The Watcher in the Water 1/2 (I lost by threating out with both decks, as I was bogged down with locations and endless Wargs problems on stage 1. The 2nd time I won using Son of Arnor to engage and managed to kill the Watcher in one round)
  • The Seventh Level 2/2 (Fairly easy, even with having to deal with both Trolls in one game)
  • Flight from Moria 2/2 (Great games, I started off awfully in one but managed to hold on and win. The 2nd was a marathon but I won with Erebor Record Keepers readying Dain with the Tools to clear Escape in one refresh phase.)
  • Peril in Pelargir 0/1 (I tried this and it went awfully. I couldn't deal with so many enemies and battle quest)
  • Encounter at Amon Din 2/2 (Nice and easy, but I did rely on Lure to clear out the early enemies. Ghulat was never a problem.)
  • Into Ithilien 0/1 (I resigned after one round of staging after I got Southron Support and Watcher in the Wood into Overgrown Trail.)

I'm going to try the Over Hill and Under Hill scenarios with these decks next.