Decks at the ages end (power decks)


These decks are designed to take on the toughest quests (except those with sailing and such). Deck 1 is a variant of Beorns three hunters deck, but Grimbeorn has been stripped from his rulership of Gondor. Tighten our belts might seem as a poor replacement, but actually works really well. Decks 2 runs about every power card there is, setting up vilya, steward, G-boy staff and Firyal asap. It doesn't have the power of Eowyns +9 attack turn 1, but is otherwise comparable to the best decks out there. Tips: use errand rider, Gleowine and heed the dream to help deck 1 set up/power up. Plan every round to see where the money from Arwen (and staff) can be best used. Discard something from deck 1 that deck 2 can reforge. There are a lot of other interactions as well, such as open restricted slots in deck 2. Dwarf Pipe is a placeholder for spare pipe, which hasn't been released yet (search for it if you draw wizards pipe in opening hand). I sometimes miss another unexpected courage, but it's expensive for deck 1, and I can't find room for it in deck 2. Some more location control could also be nice, but again, hard to find place for. The shadow cancellation cards in deck 2 are under evaluation, strong in early game, but strong enough?