Over Hill and Under Hill Dwarves


A pair of Dwarf decks using some (new to me) cards from Over Hill and Under Hill

I would love to hear feedback!

I am using cards from the first 2 full cycles, the first 4 saga expansions, OHaUH, HoN, EaAD and TMV. This deck is a work is progress at the moment, but in testing it has performed quite well.

I have talked about some possbile changes in the deck descriptions, but I'm thinking of changing Nori for Thalin but this would change the decks massively.

In testing these decks have been great, the scenarios I've played and wins/times played are below:

  • Journey along the Anduin 4/4 (I manged to win even with Pursued by Shadow revealed in setup in 2 of those game, forcing me to engage the Hill Troll round 1)
  • Escape from Dol Guldur 2/2 (Once with Ori prisoner, and then with Nori prisoner. I think I was very lucky, if Dain was prisoner I would certainly lose I think)
  • Conflict at the Carrock 1/2 (In the loss I had 2 copies of a Frightened Beast raise threat by 6 each, and then I lost to the combined 12 threat raise from the 4 Trolls all being engaged. The second time went much better, I was able to build up loads of allies and recruited Grimbeorn)
  • Return to Mirkwood 2/2 (I almost lost to threat in the first game, I was on 49 and 46 threat at the end. The 2nd game was very strange, with only 3 enemies revealed and I rushed through each stage and won very quickly)
  • Into the Pit 2/2 (A rough start with the enemies each time, but I stabilised and got so many allies in play that I could clear stages 2 and 3 in one round each)
  • Foundations of Stone 1/1 (I had the best 2 stage 4s, Shivering Bank for the Nori deck which had one card in hand and Sheltered Rocks for the Ori deck)