3 lonely hobbits

doomguard 175


this is the first fellowship of my "campaign original" series, where i try to build decks that are as close at the books as possible at the specific time and place. the full describtion i do in german, for those who are interested in the mode. the decks i will construct here. if somebody is interested in the whole modifikations (i created some "campaingpoints" if somesthing happend, that happens in the books, but does not nececarily happen in the saga-szenarious, e.g. "make the first black rider quest and never kill a black rider" or "let frodo be wounded by a nazgul and survive it at weathertop") let me know, perhaps i will translate it.

these fellowship is for the campaingpods the old forrest and Fog on the Barrow-downs. it is a 3 player version, i do that first, because only with contracts do singlehero-decks have a chance to win, and i did not have that option before. (in the old version this 2 pods could only played as one plaer and the 3 heroes).

to the fellowship: due to the books the hobbits where alone in the forrest and at the barrow-downs. therfore, no allies. they can only have attachements and events the hobbits have at that point: songs, cloaks, daggers, their keen mindas and solid will,.... they avoid most enemys because they come out of the wild, and if they are cornered, sam ignite his inner rage to fight

sam put strider on himself, the other both hobbits put friend of friend on sam and pippin. (merry has the best chances to acvoid enemys at all, because of his abilitiy). do not forget, it is campaign, so frodo changes between these 3, he can also be equipped. i suggest 2. cloak goes to him, or even the 2. friend of friends.

play as much songs as possible to increase the willpower. try to put enemys into the discard, and after 2 out of the wild the keen as lances can help to improve. the shirefolk will reduce thread and deep knowledge, daarons runes and the drinking song will help to get the right cards they need.

if you are only 1 or 2 player, make sam grey wanderer and the other both 3 hunters and take tactik-merrry. with frodo he attacks for 3. as 1 player take all 3 for 3 hunters and add some frodos intuition.


Jun 10, 2020 doomguard 175

if somehow u manage it, to have 2 tom at the same time in the game (its possible ;) the tom from playercards and the campaignspecific tom), take this for his true might or the disoriented senses of the hobbits at Old Man Willow or in the darrows