FOS Play-through 6.24.20


Deck 1 -----

Step-father and son journey through Khazad-Dum with deck 1 of 2 built for taking on Foundations of Stone.

Starting Hand:

Elrond and Vilya are one of the most powerful combinations in the game, so mulliganing for Vilya should be the priority. You'll have about a 75% chance of starting the game with Vilya.


If you don't start with Vilya, you can use Imladris Stargazer and Master of the Forge to fish for it.

Imladris Stargazer will really help you set up your deck to play the card you need using Elrond and Vilya. Also, you can use her to generate resources in combination with Zigil Miner (who will be especially active since there are multiple unique cards in this deck).

Other notes:

I'm anticipating deck 2 of 2 may need some threat reduction and willpower boost. The Galadhrim's Greeting and Untroubled by Darkness will be useful here.

Deck 2 ----

Legolas accompanies Gimli and his father in deck 2 of 2 put together to journey through Foundations of Stone.

Starting Hand:

Steward of Gondor is always a good card to hope for. Getting Citadel Plate on Gimli early quickly puts him in beast mode.


This deck does combat well. Gloin will be questing most often, while Gimli defends early on and soaks some damage, and Legolas almost solely attacks.

Legolas can free you up to quest some more by dispatching enemies in the staging area with Hands Upon the Bow. The first copy of Rivendell Bow should go on Legolas, and the second can go on Aragorn.

Speaking of whom, Gloin can acquire Aragorn's toys (Celebrian's Stone and Sword that was Broken) for him.