The Heirs of Numenor


The Rangers of the South, men and women of Gondor, have journeyed far to aid their northern brethren, the heirs of the lost kingdom of Anor, the Dunedain...

This is a thematic fellowship, originally designed for the Angmar Awakened cycle. The core idea is fairly simple - the Gondorian Rangers use traps to control and weaken the encroaching enemies, allowing the Dunedain to stay engaged with however many they need to at a time to power their expensive but strong allies.

The Dunedain deck is a fairly straightforward Dunedain archetype, with a combination of powerful defending allies (the Guardian of Anor and Eldahir - on top of Lore Aragorn with a Burning Brand) that can soak up hits while powerful questers push through. They can typically get their economy going early thanks to Thurindir and Gather Information, which allows you to grab Heir of Valandil or Steward quickly.

The Gondorian Rangers focus on playing lots of traps, which fuels their card draw as well. The Dunedain can take all of the enemies, but powering up Faramir helps to take the pressure off the Dunedain by killing off the really powerful enemies.