Honouring the Alliance


Card pool including up to Angmar Awakened minus five Against the Shadow packs + 3 saga boxes and The Hobbit ones.

The deck was built upon usinh a few cards and synergies I had not tried yet.

Mutual Accord, with Astonishing Speed and For Gondor.

Rohan deck: Guthwine, for recursion of allies Eothain, for readying when allies discard for abilities Sneak Attack Eomund, for readying after questing with everyone

I wanted to try out all Rohan and Gondor, so no Gandalf, but there are other good Sneak Attack targets.

Since there are more motivated targets for Steward of Gondor in the Gondor deck, Theodred is the money-maker, spreading resources between Spirit and Leadership according to need.

The Gondor deck heavily relies on Boromir’s boost, turning even healers and errand-riders to fighters, if need be. Veterans turn lethal, and so do the Henneth Annun guards. I shake things around quite a lot, depending on quest between the three spheres, and to try out lesser or never used cards.

So far, I have played the core box and 4/6 of the Mirkwood cycle and it has been great fun.