Thematic Saga - "Battle of Pelennor Fields"

Tubarush 228


This is the Fellowship I used for The Battle of Pelennor Fields in my Thematic Saga run (which includes the 2 PoD quests that are inserted after the 1st quest in Black Riders. I won 2 out of 3 on Easy Mode with this Fellowship. I have 2 core sets and used cards thru the Haradrim cycle. The beginning of my Saga run is here: The previous quest, Passing of the Grey Company, is here:

Boons: Brace Of Coneys (x2) (not used), Anduril (not used), Sting (not used), Old Bogey-Stories, Tireless Ranger (Sam - not used), Noble Hero (Aragorn), Mithril Shirt (not used), Glamdring (not used), Leader of Men (Aragorn), Intimidation (Legolas - not used), Esquire of Rohan (Merry), Esquire of Gondor (Pippin)

Burdens: The Searching Eye (x2), Gandalf's Delay, Panicked, Overcome By Terror, Fear of Discovery, Pursued By The Enemy, Overcome By Grief, Ill Fate

Boromir did not succumb to the ring in my Saga run, so he is included here.

An epic quest that provided one of the biggest turnaround victories I've ever seen. Looking good --- I think I've got this --- horrible Encounter with Doomed means an enemy swarm including 2 Oliphaunts --- how will I survive? --- strategic engaging results in drawing Sneak Attack with Gandalf already in hand --- WIN!

You've got to get Golden Shield on Theoden, get an army swarm out (especially Gondor), destroy Grond ASAP, and plan out how you will deal with the Nazgul.

I used the Flame of the West version of Aragorn --- so that he can quest AND attack as soon as he shows up (boosting everyone else in the process thanks to the Banner.)