Outlands and Rohan for Gondor


This is my first attempt at an Outlands deck, and I pair it with another spin with Ld Eomer and Eowyn, this time with Hama.

I chose Imrahil to go with Hirluin for thematic reasons, as to me Amroth is just the biggest Outland. They also go well together for the Lossarnach Swordsmen. Denethor was added for being Gondor, and to provide resources for the Herdsmen and the Hunters. Wealth of Gondor and Envoys of Pelargir works well for providing resource spread to keep churning out allies. A Very Good Tale is used as quickly as possible to add two allies.

The Rohan deck needs Feint, but once you get it, you can hold Hama back to Feint four times if you draw one card. Meanwhile, key pieces are Guthwine and a mount for Eomer. Once Guthwine is out, you can recycle horse-breeders and snowbourne scout as you defend with them instead and save Feints for when needed. It is lean on allies, but does not really need many (unlike the Outlands deck).