First cycle, Rohan+Eagles against the world


Two handed decks i played for Return to mirkwood. I got mostly positive results (all wins in 3 games) so i decided to now try all the quests from first cycle with this combo on nightmare mode(maybe ill change it a bit for journey to rhosgobel). Decks can definitely be improved and some of the cards are in here for the specific reason FOR THE Return to mirkwood scenario and would definitely not be here, however i find that cards like shadow from the past and similar although very specific bring a very interesting and fun mechanic to the game so i decided to keep them, I'll be updating the decks in the description and drop some ideas how to change them further down in the description, if you wanna post comments on idea how to improve them it would be appreciated(we are doing progression).



-Probably Snowborn scouts for extra chump block and potential rohan combo, also 3rd gandalf or second sneak attack would be nice


-having a bit too much high cost cards, maybe -1 Landroval


Spirit-Leadeship(Rohan): -Deck served its purpuse as incredible question power


  • Deck dealt pretty well with all the threat from Enemy encounter cards, There seems to be no need for Thalin instead of Legolas, but will keep my eye on that