Elven Break-in into Moria


I played these decks through the Khazad-dum and Dwarrowdelf cycle as a two-handed solo play. I tweaked them through the campaign into these decks. Most of the side boards are there for Shadow and Flame.

I always wanted to play Elf-friend and found Tactical Merry to be a good candidate for it. I also chose the discard route after some tweaking. I initially tried Steed of Imladris, but it is dependent upon an active location, and most importantly restricted which hampered the rest of my Elven Item scheme, so I opted for the Tactical Noldor allies to provide continous discard for Elven-light.

There are Hobbit Pipes to go with Elrond’s Counsel, and with Pippin’s ability, Light of Valinor, Elven-light and Peace and Thought and finally Galdor, there is a lot of card to find good cards and even chuck in an Elven-spear for good measure. Rivendell Bow helps Merry to be of particularly good use with his readying ability.

The Galadriel deck was inspired by a modern, and much more powerful deck, but I drew inspiration from it to use Galadhrim Weavers to keep recycling important events. I usually play Haldir as my Lore Silvan, but Rossiel is good at questing and defending while Galadriel sets up. I also find Galadriel as most potent when her deck is paired with a deck with lower starting threat, as her ability then puts a lid on your threat.

I was worried about its combat prowess, but Celeborn’s ability turns a host of Minstrels, Handmaidens and Healers into enough force to take down most enemies in the turn you engage them (if they ever get the chance to strike).

I loved the way both decks played. They quested and struck hard and had low threat enough to handle the staging area very well. If an enemy got through, they had enough tricks to not be too bothered.