Horses and Hobbits, the Banes of the Bane


Card pool up to Angmar Awakened, minus 5/6 of Against the Shadow.

Currently running through KD/Dwarrowdelf, having completed The Long Dark.


Sep 08, 2020 doomguard 323

interesting idea to chumpblock the enemy until the hobbits havee build thier army. good soloution for the imited cardpoool. would made a few changes:

add 1-3 gleowine in the hobbitdeck, not for the hobbits they should draw enough, use it for the rohhirim.

as mentioned, i think spirittheoden would be better then eowyn (or do u not have him?)

max dunedain warning for erkenbrand

add golden shield if you have it.

add the (at least) 1 unexpected courage for erkenbrand. (because u have 3 sneack attack you shuld have at least 2 ;) )

max timely aid and reduce take no notice.

these are my opinion on 1. sight , after testing i probably have some more ;)