Travelling the Wastes


This fellowship was evolved to play Wastes of Eriador during my blind playthrough of it. Card pool up to and including The Angmar Awakened Cycle minus 5/6 of Against the Shadow.

The dunedain deck tries to handle threat and cancelling for both hands. Key card is OtHUtH Gandalf for whom Gandalf's Staff is used to deal with shadow cards. There is a lot of healing, due to the quest.

The silvan deck is a combat silvan test. I have never played Silvan decks without Galadriel, so it was kind of fun to put the deck together. Hands on the Bow is fantastic. Bows of the Galadhrim turns the allies into deadly shots across the board. 3 x Secret Vigil is much needed to deal with all the Doomed and Night effects.