the secret mustering of rohan

doomguard 387


2 decks that want to play the muster of rohan. both starts in secrecy (eowyns bonus is not calculated in the thread, so it has 19), with the potential to increase income, so the price should be payable multible times. the deck with galadriel has enough describtion in that deck. here more to the eowyndeck and how they work together.

depending on startinghands, the steward could also go to the other deck, if there are many 3 cost-allies of one sphere at hand. the eowyndeck has fighting potential. not this much in the heroes (but also, she with her outcomeattack and merry can quest and attack very often because of the low thread), more in the allies (12 tactikallies and the rider of rohan can also attack).

so they should work well together, the galadrieldeck is more a questingdeck. the eowyndeck is lacking some carddraw (elvenlight and horsebreeder are the only ones) but there the other deck can help from time to time.

the eowyndeck has some additional ride to ruin, that can be used very well on eomund or westfold horsebreeder. a ride to ruin and a snowborn scout of the other deck might be enough for much locations.

westroad traveler can help to get rid of nasty active location (greetings to carn dum).

both decks have potential to stay some rounds in secrecy.

i think overall this fellowship has good potential. with about 2-4 played mustering of rohan (up to 9 possible plays), it can kick sauron in the ass.

i do not know if it is as good as my other rohanfellowship that was able to best carn dum 2 times in a row , but it is a total different play


Sep 25, 2020 Uruk-guy 58

What about Horn of the Mark? Great card draw. Especially when you use Muster of Rohan. Or is there some other reason not to use it?

Sep 26, 2020 doomguard 387

you are right. i had it in a different deck that was in the mix. want to make a potent fellowship depending on the mustering, if you are interested, its here:

so, at least 1 copy to the eowyndeck then (remove 1-2 gandalf for it). but depends on testing how important it is, carddraw can be realised by the galadrieldeck.

Sep 26, 2020 Uruk-guy 58

Nice. I like the building around the Mister of Rohan. Very good card when timed right.