the muster of rohan, 3 times

doomguard 387


with a bit luck (steward to eowyn or theoden, or captains wisdom, the muster can be played 1. round. with much luck, 2 times. each deck has possibilities for more ressources. carddraw can be spread by galadriel and gleowine the horn of the mark and several horsebreeder helps also.

you have to decide, who gets the ring, erkenbrand or denethor, the other deck skip these 2 cards (ring and inner strength). erkenbrand has sentinel, but that deck has high startingthread, denethor does not much care about rising thread and is also a nice defender with ring, but only at his front.

the decks could be made more efficient, if you put in sneack attacks and more gandalfs, but i tried to stay as rohan as possible (the 2 gandalfs at the eowyndeck can also be replaced by more rohanallies).

if you play anduin nightmare, you should hardly try to make the theodendeck possible to muster the rohan 1. round, else it might not survive the 1 round (1-2 troll + 1-3 trollbreed is likely possible, and that cannot be spread)