Braving the Dread Realms


Card pool up to and including Angmar Awakened.

First take on Dread Realms, playing two-handed solo.

Eventually opted for 60-card decks for fear of running out at the end, which causes some relief but also a lot of trouble. A lot of consideration taken into scenario-specific details.

The idea is for the Dunedain deck to fill the board with a defensive wall, protecting the Silvans by Sentinel and Aragorn's ability to pull enemies to his threat area, and to kill off enough enemies to keep control. Ideally, two enemies remain at the end of every turn. The Silvan deck provides all kinds of healing as well as enough quest to not stall until Nenya and Lights of Valinor is out.

There are three Power of Orthanc to help with treacheries (if you see any of them), but the decks also include various cards for dealing with Daechanar. Haldir with a Bow of Galadhrim using Ranged does just enough damage due to Aragorn's ability. Mighty prowess can "ping" for damage and so can Spear of the Citadel as well as Gandalf's enter play ability.'

Silvan Trackers and Wellinghall Preserver really comes into their own during the final run, but you only have three to four turns generally anyway due to the board evaporating and the non-silvan and non-ent cards.