3 Player Fellowship


The Armies of Gondor This deck is a modification from https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/1352/the-armies-of-gondor-1.0 The amount of quest power is just amazing. The first round can be hard as you usually donĀ“t have allies and attachments to power up questing. Between Sword that was broken, Visionary Leadership and Faramir you can boost your allies to +3 willpower. Once this deck has enough allies it can easily kill bis boss enemies. With Strength of Arms and for Gondor the allies can quest, ready and then attack with a +2 attach from Boromir and for Gondor.

Location Support This deck is meant for support. It helps with draw and location control. With Idraen this deck can even support in combat. With Legolas ability and the Mirkwood Explorer she can ready multiple times. When Arwen is on the board she can defend for 3.

Combat Well this deck is meant to kill a lot of enemies. The synergy between Boromir and Knight of Minas Tirith is quite nice as it allows him to attack for 4.