AtS7: Assault on Osgiliath, 2-handed solo, progression


Another enjoyable scenario. The location mechanic is a good one.

Several treachery and enemies in the encounter deck favour mono-sphere user decks (hence the Leadership and Tactics mono decks).

Nice to make use of the elven brothers again and mix it up a bit. Even some dwarves, which haven't seen much use of late - filling out the tactics deck with the cards available was a bit of a struggle!

The old "Thalin + Gondorian Spearman + Spear of the Citadel" combo works nicely as there are several 3 hit point enemies. Getting the Rivendell Blade and Bow onto Elladan early on is a big help too.

I had ally Leadership Faramir on my sideboard as I was concerned with having enough Willpower (and having him is very thematic) - but I didn't find I needed him in the end.

More use of the Outlands cards here. They are much derided but with the cards available so far they feel necessary. Plus, thematically they feel very apt in this expansion.