conquer the fortress of nurn, or die trying

doomguard 387


why this fellowship has a chance:

  • low startingthread (20 and 21)
  • beregond with defense of 6 thx to inner strength and arwen. save. + possible shield and/or captain of gondor
  • sidequest from the start, gives some room before the 1. evil sidequest have to be revealed
  • 11 willpower from the start (eleanor needs to defend engaged enemy if beregod does not get a courage, miruvor or behind strong walls 1. round
  • with a lightly different deck, the beregond-deck has made it nearly solo

playing advice:

    1. shield goes to emery so she can defend the from the start engaged enemy (she is gondor, with shield she has 4)
  • would mostly kill the engaged enemy with eowyn 1. round
  • do not let emery questing she can cancel the event that gives all exhausted a dmg (and so save at least arwen)
  • mulligan hard for light of valinor
  • thalion (greetings to caleb ;) ) can really be a changing factor. he counts sidequests at all not only playersidequests. means u will change him into a hero
  • if your deck is empty, but you have miruvor, use the "put on your deck"-option and draw it at next possibility

Oct 11, 2020 doomguard 387

this version did it.

was lucky at start, eleanor defended the 1. attack and sutvived. after that i had 3 sidequests before i had to do one szeario sidequest.

thurindir shines really well. at the end there were 8 sidequests in the victory pile.

was hard at the end. no cancel of encounter cards and he reveal one after each attack... arwen died. beregond have not 6 anymore, allies and heros are dying. ulchor got 3 extraattacks from revealing encountercards in his last round (there is the one, that let him make an additional attack and you cannot cancel, another attak another encountercard....) but glorfindel and treebeard finished him in the end.

the strategy worked. double back and keen as lances together with beregond keep me under 20 thread the most time for both groups. contract flips late, but soon enough to heal before any of them died.

after thalion was hero, treebeard 2 tracker and 4 additional allies i tried to go for the last advendturecard. was tight.