follow the vigilant dunedain

doomguard 426


so, this in my soloution for the vigilant dunedain defends the whole table:

  • both have the dunedain and stallion
  • arwen supports from the start
  • as soon as cirdan gets his ring the dunedain have defense 4
  • thurindir selects gather information, then the ring, the other select keep watch
  • explore keep watch

its no harm if both get a vigilant into play. the secrecy-deck try to do it with timely aid and the good tale, if in starthand is a vigilant and the steward, give the steward to eowyn + a ressource from denethor and pay the vigilant.

the other try to discard the vigilant and put him with stand and fight into play.

for further support of the dunedain, there are round shields and helm of the squirrel

some healing to fight dragons and trolls

some ressourcegenerating allies for lothiriel in the cirdandeck (stand and fight or glorfindel are costly)

knight of belfalas to get discarded (cirdan)gondorallies back.

glorfindel can be discarded, he has his stand and fight implemented


Oct 22, 2020 Denison 549

I really like the motk Arwen option for the Vigilant Dúnadan defense strategy. One less card to look for.

Nov 02, 2020 askelad 192

now that (MotK) Arwen Undómiel is hero, she is eligible for Palantir+Unexpected Courage for another +1

i've made a fellowship a while ago based on that which would consistently play Vigilant Dúnadan on turn two, using Beorn to defend the first round, i'll publish it and give you the link if you are interested

Nov 02, 2020 doomguard 426

yea give it!

Nov 03, 2020 askelad 192

there you go:

it's a 3 decks fellowship and it goes in different directions but you might find it interesting

Nov 03, 2020 askelad 192

woops didnt check the link before posting XD should work