Noldor and Silvan shall work together

Aduin 7


2 decks made with elves. The Elrond's deck is made to play silvan characters everytime possible, i recommed having "steward" or "O Lorien!" in the first round, if not, taking a mulligan may be the best option because what's cool about this deck are the ally card effects.

The Arwen's deck is basically the "support" thing, made to low the threat of the other player, give him resources in case he needs them and attack the ennemies with haldir while Elrond or Thranduil defend. As both decks have ranged characters other versions with "dunedain signal" may work also pretty well, so the Arwen player could be engaging most of the ennemies while no risking their heros. I've added some "burning brands" to both because i consider it one of the best cards in the game, if Elrond gets it with an "unexpected courage" the game will get a lot easier. This deck works for siege, battle and normal quests. And Galadriel and Galdor will ensure Arwen has always cards to get rid of.

If you get "Mirror of Galadriel" with "Silver Harp" you'll have a lot possibilities to survive most of the quests over there.


Nov 14, 2020 doomguard 427

nice thematic.

but not optimal doing ;)

i would concentrate both decks to 50 to fokus on the mainparts


  • why derufin?
  • why silvan trackers in the haldirdeck?
  • fair and perilous? not needed this much, the other deck will create enough attackpower, much of them ranged,
  • how to play pursuing the enemy?
  • 6 burning brands? you have only 1 hero who can wield it effectively, but only 2 mirrors?
  • lorien guide? one of the worst ally in the game, put in gallion instead, helps a lot at the start.
  • island amids peril? 6 elronds coucil and 3 greetings in the fellowship do you really neeed this?


as i said, good thematic idea, but much work to do, to make playable felllowship of it ;)

Nov 15, 2020 Aduin 7

Hello! I did this deck to play with a friend in the "Heirs of Numenor" and "Against the Shadow" cycle and i really published it not expecting any feed back hahaha. In theses quests there're an insane amount of extremely savage ennemies and shadow cards are really a problem. So that's why Dark knowledge and burning brand were so important (some shadow cards may cost you an entire game), but you're right, i should replace one with the mirror.

Everytime time i play a game i edit the deck so that's why there so many cards, (i add some and remove other depending of the quest) I forgot to add the "song of wisdom" to this version, so that's why elrond is the only hero using the burning brand. Still, with "unexpected courage","the elvenking" "light of valinor" and the "greenwood arechers" you will be surely defending more than one time.

The Arwen deck is made for engaging no ennemies, so Haldir could use his skill every round and kill the ennemies before theirs attacks are resolved. Still, Glorfindel and Gildor are there just in case, (Gildor can have the burning brand and the cloak of Lorien). However, If i upload a new version i will probably put Gildor with the Elrond deck.

Derufin is one of the few spirit characters with ranged key word (as the arwen deck is supossed to not encountering ennemies they needed some ranged).

Island amids peril and other threat cards?? Yes xDD, in this expansion we've ended playing long games and sometimes we strongly need to get to the "late game". Threat reduction is mandatory. I know it seems like a lot of cards but with Galdor, Legolas, master of the forge, Galadriel (who can use the mirror) and other cards who allow you to explore your dec, you can easily use all the useful cards.

Lorien guide is useful in some scenarios, as said, i modify the deck everytime i play. But Gallion may be a nice touch with celeborn, i hadn't think about that. I just hate to have a drunken elf in my army XD These decks are meant to be used in different scenarios, that's why i tryed to get damage, defense, will and threat reduction all in one fellowship.

Thank you and i will add a new version to this fellowship... if i discover how to edit it!