Guard of the Citadel

Ally. Cost: 2. 1   1   0   2  

Gondor. Warrior.

"But the Lords of Minas Tirith still fight on, defying our enemies, keeping the passage of the River from Argonath to the Sea."
Elrond, The Fellowship of the Ring
Leonardo Borazio

Core Set #13. Leadership.

Guard of the Citadel

Guard of the Citadel is from my point of view the most average chump from the core set. He ain't bad, but not great either, if you compare him to the other chumps there. Wandering Took for example got the same stats, but one extra plus an extra ability for fellowship, Gondorian Spearman has nice ability to cause damage. The only other chump there the Veteran Axehand is similar to him, but got one extra . What makes him ok, is the and the gondor and warrior trades. I still use him a lot. Artwork is ok. Verdict: 3/5.

matrosh 538
I rarely use the Axehand to chump. — Wandalf the Gizzard 2434

So, 2 cost for 1 stat isn't a big deal. 2 for 2 would be fair. But back in the early days, he was pretty good, and he's not bad now. He can quest, attack, and chump, and that extra hit point comes in handy against archery. Granted, there are plenty of other more efficient options, but the guard of the citadel isn't bad.