Son of Arnor

Ally. Cost: 3. 0   2   0   2  


Response: After Son of Arnor enters play, choose an enemy card in the staging area or currently engaged with another player. Engage that enemy.

...and the North-realm they made in Arnor, and the South-realm in Gondor above the mouths of Anduin.
The Fellowship of the Ring
Ryan Barger

Core Set #15. Leadership.

Son of Arnor

Son of Arnor is a bit of a niche card. He really only fits in a dunedain deck. But that ability can help clear out the staging area for questing and two attack is always useful, expensive or not. Synergy with forest snare and archery sink is good as well

I have a feeling that Son of Arnor was designed for core set for one reason only and that's Goblin sniper. And that's also the only reason why I put him into a deck. He is too costy for expendable chump and his stats are not so good. Maybe later, when I'll get more cards for Dunedain, he will be more useful. Artwork is very nice, but it won't change his usefulness. Verdict: 2/5.

matrosh 74
He also combos with Forest Snare. — Wandalf the Gizzard 530