Ally. Cost: 5. 4   4   4   4  


At the end of the round, discard Gandalf from play.

Response: After Gandalf enters play, (choose 1): draw 3 cards, deal 4 damage to 1 enemy in play, or reduce your threat by 5.

Lucas Graciano

Core Set #73. Neutral.


Still one of the most powerful Allies in the game, Gandalf offers a little something for every deck - a stout body for defending and attacking, strong Willpower for push questing, and highly sought-after effects.

THE REASON I include sneak attack in my decks. — Wandalf the Gizzard 530
Honestly, how many of us have had our collective butt saved from certain death by this card?? — Mad Morderan 27

IT'S GANDALF! AND GANDALF MEANS HIM! Seriously though, Gandalf is an insanely good card. For five resources, you get four stats, an average of four something from his ability, and a trigger to Eomer, Imrahil, etc. With sneak attack, you're saving four resources, and can still play Gandalf again next round. He's seen decreased play with the release of two other versions of Gandalf, but still, insanely good.