Born Aloft

Attachment. Cost: 0.


Attach to an ally.

Action: Discard Born Aloft from play to return attached ally to its owner's hand.

"Very well," said Gandalf. "Take us where and as far as you will!" The Hobbit
Salvador Trakal

Conflict at the Carrock #29. Tactics.

Born Aloft

Aside from recent controversy over this card's lack of "e" and Quickbeam's non-uniqueness, most players probably forget this card exists. It's no small wonder when you consider how useless this thing is. Yeah, I hear you, Gandalf works well with Born(e) Aloft and so does descendant of thorondor, but in all seriousness, this is just not good.

I always thought this was a cool way to keep your allies in your hand that would otherwise be discarded for their actions. Like discarding Beorning Guardian to add progress, use Born Aloft to keep the BG rather than discard him. Seems pretty good, no? — Mad Morderan 118
I recently used it in conjunction with Meneldor and Hirgon to spam progress around. Very good card in my opinion — Thorsen 32
In combination with Meneldor's flight (and adding Gwaihir's ability to pull Meneldor back *again* these cards can do some serious damage to locations in the staging area. — Mad Morderan 118