Longbeard Map-Maker

Ally. Cost: 3. 1   1   1   3  


Action: Spend 1 resource to give Longbeard Map-Maker +1 until the end of the phase.

On the table in the light of a big lamp with a red shade he spread a piece of parchment rather like a map. The Hobbit
Andrew Silver

Conflict at the Carrock #32. Lore.

Longbeard Map-Maker

This guy has the unlucky distinction, I think, of being one of the worst dwarf allies in the game. He has 2 stats per cost, which is typically ok, but they also unfortunately perfectly match the admittedly laughably undercosted Erebor Hammersmith. Compared to similar dwarf allies, there's Longbeard Elder that can scry for you, and if it doesn't wiff commits an extra willpower for free, and Ered Luin Miner that if you happen to not discard, at least is neutral to make up for his 1 less health.

His ability is also too expensive in a cash-strapped sphere, but it definitely has to be, since there is no limit. There's perhaps a time where a 4 player fellowship could boost this guy to ludicrous proportions to pass a quest when you need, but I'd much rather use those lore resources with Erebor Record Keeper to ready a much better dwarf.

frozen 129

The Long-beard-Map-maker, apart from having too many hyphens and a bee-stung nose, is a pretty good card. Three for one, one , one, and three is kind of expensive, but with Dain on the table he becomes viable. His ability, though, is awesome and the reason I would play him. I reaalize that lore is the sphere most strapped for resources, but still, pretty powerful.