Citadel Custodian

Ally. Cost: 5. 1   0   1   3  


Lower the cost to play Citadel Custodian by 1 for each Gondor ally in play.

Lorraine Schleter

Heirs of Númenor #4. Leadership.

Citadel Custodian

In solo play they can be quite useful if you are building a very dedicated Gondor swarm deck, especially with the use of A Very Good Tale, where you can abuse this card high printed cost. Otherwise if there a lot of Gondor allies spread across a Fellowship it quickly become trivial to play them even in a non dedicated Gondor swarm. They have a good chunk of Hit Points and with Visionary Leadership in play they can quest for 2 Willpower so not bad for an ally that might have been free or payed 1-2 resources.