Visionary Leadership

Attachment. Cost: 2.


Attach to a Gondor hero.

While attached hero has at least 1 resource in its resource pool, Gondor characters get +1 .

"...still the lords of Gondor have keener sight than lesser men..." Denethor, The Return of the King
Milek Jakubiec

The Morgul Vale #136. Leadership.

Visionary Leadership

This card can be quite the good lynchpin for a dedicated Fellowship (or even a solo deck) where it can lead to really huge amounts of . Since it's in Leadership it would not be so difficult to respect the "at least 1 resource" condition and I think it might be best partnered with Boromir to get two birds in one stone. In a Leadership deck with lot of attachments Galadriel can be a good way to fetch it (alongside stuff like Steward of Gondor, Armored Destrier, Celebrían's Stone, Sword that was Broken).